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BodyShots® - Business

An amazing 300 poses ready to use royalty free resource!

General Description

BODYSHOTS® - BUSINESS is a new concept in high quality clip art. This collection of photo-poses is theme specific and features people in everyday business situations. BodyShots® - Business can be easily and quickly loaded into desktop design, publishing, presentation, or image editing program for highest quality presentations.


Where previously the cost of a photographer and models was prohibitive, you can now customize and liven up your presentation or artwork with BodyShots images. If you already use photographic material, you can use BodyShots to prototype a layout for a client without going to the expense of a full photo session. We have used top photographers using the very best professional ethnically diverse models, makeup artists and stylists.


BodyShots® - Business is published on one CD-ROM disc for Macintosh (HFS format) or one disc for Windows/Unix (ISO 9660) computers. These images can be used with any software package that imports TIFF format files from a CD-ROM drive. The album pack includes BodyShots CD-ROM, user guide and manual, quick reference card, latest use tips and examples, warranty and registration card, and a license agreement.


The collection of 329 images is divided into seven groups:
Full figure - Individuals 64 images (11 models) - Pairs 15 images
Torso figure - Individuals 62 images (10 models)
On the phone - Individuals29 images (4 models)
At the desk - Individuals 21 images (4 models) - Group 48 images
Seated - Individuals 12 images (3 models) - Group 8 images - Secretarial 4 images - Airplane 16 images
At the computer - Individuals 20 images (3 models) - Pairs 16 images
With flip chart - Individuals 8 images (3 models) - Pairs 6 images

Each image has a totally white background which allows the image to be placed over any background you may select. Multiple images from the cast of 12 models may be selected and integrated into scenes of your choice. Please note the models depicted in aerobic or casual poses are not part of BodyShots Business but a future title.

To view the complete selection of thumbnails from the collection, view the BodyShots Catalog. The third option on the download page is to examine two medium quality watermarked images from the collection.

File Sizes

Every image is available in high resolution 300 dpi, 24 bit RGB TIFF, typically 2000 x 1000 pixels, ranging from 4 Mb to as high as 8 Mb, averaging around 6 Mb. All images are LZW compressed; the files open automatically to full size in most applications. These images are designed for use in page size layouts or larger and are suitable to be output to imagesetter for the highest quality reproduction.

Additional features

The CD features a self-contained Image Browser for previewing thumbnails of the entire collection. Each image is referenced including name, file sizes, location and a string of keywords that describe the image. Keyword retrieval allows sub-sets of the images to be extracted using such words as 'phone' or 'greeting'. Keyword counts for some words:

Keyword Count Keyword Count Keyword Count Keyword Count
African 56 Airplane 16 Anger 23 Computer 36
Concern 24 Conversation 188 Desk 134 Desktop 36
Dictation 30 Dismay 27 Executive 265 Female 176
Flipchart 36 Full figure 133 Glasses 68 Greeting 53
Group 90 Japanese 11 Jubilation 39 Laptop 4
Male 204 Notebook 32 Organizer 9 Pair 79
Profile 124 Report 45 Seated 173 Secretary 94
Senior 24 Solo 239 Standing 179 Surprise 36
Telephone 71 Torso 196

Download Complete Collection - All 329 Poses for $29
Windows 109 MB ~ Macintosh 159 MB


Reproduction rights granted with your purchase of BodyShots® - Business allow internal use and, with free registration, almost unlimited commercial use. The license restricts reuse of BodyShots images in another clip-art collection. The models have all signed full releases and waivers allowing royalty free use for publishing. If you have any concerns, please review the full text of the BodyShots Business License Agreement.

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